How to Determine if Your Child Is Being Molested?

Answer Child molestation is a very serious problem that can happen to any child. Determining if your child is actually being molested requires your best guess based on the proof that you find. Follow thes... Read More »

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How to Determine if Your Child Is Being Bullied?

If you have a child and you suspect if he or she is being bullied? It can be a parents worst nightmare. Here are some helpful pointers that can help you and take action quickly.

Where can you send a child for help about being molested and now molesting?

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Can you sue a judge for putting your daughter in home she is being molested in?

Ask for your daughter to be moved to a new home and tell the person who is molesting her.

What do you do if your child is molested?

Call the police right away and have the person arrested,and once they are convicted by the court then Contact an attorney and file a civil lawsuit of several hundred thousand dollars against them f... Read More »