How to Determine if You Are Ready to Drive on Roads and Freeways?

Answer To determine if you are ready to drive on roads and freeways is to assess your driving skills yourself. A lot depends on confidence and/or over confidence. Sometimes it is good to ask someone who k... Read More »

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Can i drive a scooter on california freeways?

No, you cannot drive a scooter or moped on a freeway in California unless your local laws declare it legal to do so, according to You can only ride your scooter on regular roads, trails an... Read More »

How to Troubleshoot a Car That Is Hard to Drive on Wet Roads?

Wet road conditions present a driver with unique challenges. Visibility is usually decreased, while stopping distances are increased. A vehicle that handles markedly different in wet weather condit... Read More »

How to Drive on Murram Roads in East Africa?

Typical murram roadDriving on murram [1] roads in East Africa is challenging and requires additional skills when compared to sealed or 'tarmac' roads.

How do I know if my car is safe to drive with all this talk about pot holes and bad roads as?

The pot holes have absolutely nothing to do with your car being safe enough to drive. Your car should be safe to dive if everything is working properly and it has passed a safely inspection. As far... Read More »