How to Determine an Unknown Exponent?

Answer To solve an equation for the exponent, use natural logs in order to solve the equation. Sometimes, you can perform the calculation in your head for a simple equation, such as 4 ^ X = 16. More compl... Read More »

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How to Determine V-Belt Size When Unknown?

A V-belt has a unique shape designed to prevent it from slipping off a grooved pulley. Finding a V-belt size when it's unknown is a fairly simple process. Whether the belt is just missing, and no s... Read More »

How to Determine Product Sample Size to Determine Quality?

There is a methodology called "Acceptable Quality Level" (AQL) that can be easily applied to determine product sample size to determine quality. This method defines the number of samples that must ... Read More »

How to Remove X From an Exponent?

Math is symbolic. It is abstract in the way that all languages are abstract, using conventions to refer to ideas that exist in the mind. An exponential term is just such a convention. Writing "7^x"... Read More »

How to Get Rid of a Fractional Exponent?

An expression with a fractional, or rational, exponent is equivalent to an expression written with a radical. Converting an expression with a fractional exponent into one with a radical gets rid of... Read More »