How to Determine a SIM Card Operator?

Answer A SIM (Subscriber Identity Module) card is, essentially, the brain of your cell phone. It is used by service providers to identify their users, and it stores all the information that passes through... Read More »

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Why did the radio operator cut off another operator on the titanic?

How to Become an Amateur Radio Operator(or Ham Operator) in the USA?

Being an amateur radio operator is a fun and a very rewarding hobby. In the US, you can start with an "Amateur Technician Class" license issued by the FCC. Enjoy clear 2-way FM communication using ... Read More »

C++ code - "no match for 'operator<<' in 'std::operator<<"?

setfill needs a character as argument.Do checkup whether it can be used like this or not.You can achieve this by callingcout.fill('*'); also

How to Determine Your Video Card?

Wondering if your computer can play a game you just bought but you don't know/cant remember how to check the video card?To determine your video card please follow these steps: