How to Determine a Right Triangle?

Answer A triangle whose the angle opposite to the longest side is 90 degrees. For all right-angled triangles, you can use the Pythagorean theorem to find the length of all three sides

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How to Determine if Three Side Lengths Are a Triangle?

If you have been given three side lengths, and are asked to find out if they are a triangle, don't freak out! Just use this simple formula to figure it out.

Characteristics of a Right Triangle?

All right triangles have 90-degree, or right angles. They are used in math for special calculations, including finding the exact distance between two points. Right triangles can also help you find ... Read More »

How to Do a Right Triangle in Trigonometry?

In trigonometry, right triangles are those containing a 90-degree angle (right angle). They are the shape the Pythagorean theorem is based on, where the square of the side opposite of the right ang... Read More »

Signs of a Right Triangle?

Right triangles have 90-degree angles. Math textbooks and assignments often illustrate right triangles by drawing a small square in the 90-degree angle of the triangle. Sometimes, however, you need... Read More »