How to Determine Your Ninja Ki (Chi)?

Answer Chi (or Ki) refers to the flow of energy that is believed by some to connect everything in the universe together. The ancient Japanese art of ninjitsu teaches students the art of espionage, misdire... Read More »

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What does the ninja warrior ninja in Japanese?

that doesnt make sense!!!!!!!!I think he means : "what does the ninja warrior do in japan" is it?

How to Determine Product Sample Size to Determine Quality?

There is a methodology called "Acceptable Quality Level" (AQL) that can be easily applied to determine product sample size to determine quality. This method defines the number of samples that must ... Read More »

How to Be a Kid Ninja?

Ninjas are the coolest people ever. They are undetectable, and silent, but at the same time make a huge impact on the world around them.

How to Have a Ninja War?

Hi-ya!Love ninjas? Wish you could hold your very own ninja war? This can help!