How to Determine Your Most Fertile Day to Conceive?

Answer A woman's most fertile days to conceive are influenced by her menstrual cycle and the lifespan of human eggs and sperm. The menstrual cycle has 3 phases: follicular, ovulatory and luteal phases. Du... Read More »

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How to Know Your Most Fertile Days?

Knowing your most fertile days can make family planning more accurate. A woman is most fertile when she is ovulating. This occurs when an egg is released by her ovary. It will await fertilization f... Read More »

Can you be pregnant if you had intercourse at your most fertile time but still experienced ovulation-like pains for 4 days?

Answer If you have unprotected sex and have missed your period, you are probably pregnant. Some women feel some cramping when the egg implants into the uterus. If you think you are pregnant, take... Read More »

When is the most fertile time of the month?

ovulation, about 2 weeks or 14 days into your menstrual cycle.

When am i fertile, what does fertile and ovulation mean?

Ovulation is when the egg passes from the ovaries through to fallopian tubes to the uterus. This is when you are most 'fertile'. Fertile means when you are most likely to become pregnant.On average... Read More »