How to Determine Your Major?

Answer Choosing a major in college/university is one of the most difficult decisions you will have to make during your post-secondary education years.

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Does your college major determine your MOS assignment as a Marine Corps officer?

Can your standard primary care physician perform any of the three major diabetes tests to determine if you?

Any will be able to order the tests, and *might* draw the blood for the test, but few do the lab work themselves. Usually only takes 1 or 2 days. Most will initially order a fasting glucose blood... Read More »

Can you major in Environmental Studies BA at UCSB with a technical major ROTC scholarship?

The Environmental Studies program requires you to take at least 20 units from a different department as an outside concentration. I have a friend that has an ROTC scholarship and is a Economics maj... Read More »

I'm a computer science major. What are the major programming languages I should know?

I earned a BS and MS in Computer Science over 20 years ago. Here the languages I learned there: PL/C, Fortran, Pascal and C (but only in my last semister of my MS). I also had a smattering of LISP,... Read More »