How to Determine Your Dominant Eye?

Answer You may know which is your dominant hand. But do you know which one of your eyes is dominant? This how-to will explain how to determine which of your eyes is dominant.

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How to Determine Your Dominant Hand?

Some people have trouble figuring out if they are right- or left-handed. Know, however, that some people do not have a dominant hand and are equally proficient with both.

What is the method that eye doctors use to determine a person's dominant eye?

It's easy for you to determine yourself.Make a circle with your thumb and index finger , and hold it about 10 or 12 inches in front of your eyes. Center that circle until you can see an object acr... Read More »

How to Find Your Dominant Leg?

Ever wanted to know which leg was your dominant leg? This is very useful for track and other sports as well!

Does your Router or Modem determine your internet speed?

The equipment doesn't determine the connection speed, the service you pay for does. Comcast offers various tiers of service. Perhaps you pay for the cheap, slow speed, and your friend pays for th... Read More »