How to Determine Your Credit Standing?

Answer There are many people that have contracted a credit in the past and maybe or maybe not, they were able to have it paid back or not. If you are one such person and you would like to know what the im... Read More »

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How to Negotiate a Late Fee Down for Credit Cards in Bad Standing?

If you do not pay at least the minimum payment on a credit card by the due date, your account will be assessed a late fee. You can negotiate a single late fee, and sometimes several, even with you... Read More »

If I Pay Off My Credit Cards in Good Standing Will That Increase My FICO Score?

Paying off credit cards in a timely manner sounds like a positive action, but its effects on a consumer's credit score is mixed, according to the FICO score compiling firm. Certain aspects of a pay... Read More »

How to Determine Credit-Worthiness?

Credit worthiness is defined as being an assessment of the likelihood that a borrower will default on their obligations. The company lending you money wants to know how likely they are to receive i... Read More »

How do credit bureaus determine an account is yours?

When lenders forward your account information to the credit bureaus, they also send some identifying information. A credit bureau matches your account information and your personal information. Err... Read More »