How to Determine Wind Direction when Hunting?

Answer When you go rabbit hunting, it can be difficult because of the small kill zone, it was very hard to hit it without first figuring out which way the wind was blowing and how fast without giving away... Read More »

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How are talcum&cornstarch used for wind direction when deer hunting?

The smell of a human will cause a deer to flee, so hunter's must place themselves downwind of the deer to avoid detection. Unscented powders like talc and cornstarch can be used to determine wind d... Read More »

How is wind direction measured?

According to educational group Physical Geography, the wind is usually measured using two characteristics, speed and direction. A number of instruments can be used to measure wind direction, such ... Read More »

What is the definition of wind direction?

The wind direction is determined by the cardinal direction in which the wind is originating. For example, a wind originating from the west and blowing east is a westerly Gl... Read More »

What is the unit for wind direction?

Wind direction is measured in terms of compass points, i.e., north, south, east or west. Wind can blow bi-directionally as well, such as northwestern, southeastern or in other directions.Source:Wea... Read More »