How to Determine Why a Plant Is Dying?

Answer If your plant is dying, but you don't know why, checking a few things can help determine the reason why your plant is looking dead. By knowing what your plant is and the conditions it needs to grow... Read More »

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Why Is My Basil Plant Dying?

Home gardens often include varieties of basil for their versatility, taste and ease of growth. Basil is a hardy, drought tolerant herb that is susceptible to fungal and bacterial pathogens. Additio... Read More »

I Moved My Plant and It's Dying?

Transplanting flowers, vegetables, shrubs and young trees is necessary when a plant has outgrown its container or when you decide to change your landscaping. However, moving a plant stresses it, wh... Read More »

How to Care for a Dying Mum House Plant?

Known for having the ability to withstand long bouts of direct sunlight, chrysanthemums, or mums, make good flowers for the garden and the house. Many varieties of mums are available and come in mo... Read More »

Help! My mother's "prayer plant" is dying and I do not know why?

Has the humidity level in your mother's house changed? For example, a new furnace that works more efficiently than the old. These plants need LOTS of humidity. Place some bowls of water around t... Read More »