How to Determine What Girls to Hang out With?

Answer Ever wonder how those popular girls get such a diverse array of friends? Ever wonder how they can be friends with "undesirables" but still maintain their current status? Well, this article will hel... Read More »

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How to Hang Out with Guys (for Girls)?

Sometimes you will be in a situation where there are guys and girls hanging out together (whether it be a party, at the club, or any informal social situation) and you want to stand out among the o... Read More »

How to Hang Out with Girls and Not Have People Think You're Gay?

This article's accuracy is in doubt. See the discussion page. Please fact check, edit, cite references and remove this notice when the article has been improved. You may also comment on the discuss... Read More »

Any good places to hang out in NYC for teens and meet girls?

Depends on the girls you're looking for.Poser/hipster/indie chicks- bars around the LES (lower east side) or willy/bushwick or over-promoted raves Hippie/smart/rebel/counterculture girls- small ban... Read More »

If girls with large breasts work at Hooters, then why don't girls with one leg work at IHOP?

That WOULD be awesome!!!! And the chicks with hard nipples can work at Chili's. And the ones with fake nails and a weave could work at Burger King.