How to Determine Wear on Sport Bike Tires?

Answer Tire wear is the erosion of rubber from the tire due to constant friction with the road. Eventually, use of a sport bike will wear down the tires until they become warped and in danger of bursting.... Read More »

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What kind of motorcycles are you riding, street bike, scooter, sport bike What brand, model, engine is it?

I ride a 50cc Honda Dio, bored & stroked to 100cc. It's really quick and easy to ride in the rain. It's small enough that I can bring it in the house at night. But it's getting old. I think my ne... Read More »

To mod my bike or buyout a new dual sport.. or straight up dirt bike?

IMHO, a dirt only bike is useless. You need to ride on the streets to get to the dirt.On the other hand, That is my opinion. I ride for transportation. If you want just to ride for fun, and don'... Read More »

07 sport bike with 19k miles?

The miles are a bit high for the year but I have bought bikes older with high mileage and were in great shape and ran like brand new, just look over the bike very very well.

Sport bike my first vehicle?

Really, I think a car would be a better purchase for your first vehicle, especially since you sound like you have not ridden much at all. If you really want a bike, take a safety course first. Th... Read More »