How to Determine Video Format?

Answer There are a lot of video formats, for example HD, Blue-Ray, DVD, HD-DVD, VHS, Avi, FLV, MP4... and more. Each format has specific configurations and requires specific hardware and software to be pl... Read More »

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How do I Convert a 3GPP Video Format to an AVI Video Format?

If you receive a cellphone video message or download a movie on your cellphone, it might be in the 3GPP (3GP) file format. Many cellphone manufacturers use the 3GP video format, as the container ty... Read More »

Can a pal format tv play hd video recorded on ntsc format DVD?

You will need a decoder, is the easiest answer; NTSC is mainly in the US / Canada, while PAL is in Europe and many other countries. Both are analog systems.

How do I convert mpeg video format to thm file format?

Misconceptions About THMRecognize that THM files are actually thumbnail image files created in most cases to give a visual representation of the content of a video. A common misconception about the... Read More »

How to Determine DVD Format?

Many different types of DVDs are available. Though they will all store data burned from your computer, formats such as DVD-R, DVD+R, DVD-RW and DVD-DL all operate in different ways. If you have a D... Read More »