How to Determine Total Costs?

Answer A firm's total expenditure or total cost consists of two components: fixed cost and variable cost. Fixed cost refers to all the expenditures that remain the same regardless of the quantity of outpu... Read More »

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Marginal vs. Average Total Costs?

Marginal cost and average cost are two measures in microeconomics, which focuses on an individual entity's economic situation. Both deal with the cost of producing a certain number of units. When a... Read More »

Micro Oven's total fixed costs are?

My GE washing machine does not wring my clothes dry enough what do i need to do?

How to Determine the Costs of Boat Ownership?

Have you ever wondered what costs are involved in a buying a boat? Figuring out a budget is easy when you know all of the factors to consider. Just follow these steps to see how affordable the boat... Read More »

How do you determine the operating costs for an above ground gas pool heater?

AnswerYour gas pool heater should have a BTU/hr rating for input and output printed on a placard somewhere on the heater. Look for the input rating and divide by 100,000 to get Therms/hr. Assuming ... Read More »