How to Determine Skin Undertones?

Answer If you want to determine whether your skin possess a cold or warm undertone, you can do it just by following these easy steps!

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Best BB cream for pale skin with pink undertones?

most korean product have pink undertone u can try nature republic bb cream i use one and it have pink undertone

How to Determine Your Skin Tone?

There are dozens of different skin tones --- and some women have variations in skin tone, especially on their faces --- but anyone can easily determine if she falls into the "cool" or "warm" catego... Read More »

How can you determine that your skin is normal?

Actually normal skin is characterized both ways. It can one day be a little oilier and the next a little dry. This is not to be confused with Combination skin..Combination skin usually has a Tzo... Read More »

How to Determine a Man's Skin Type?

While many men go through their entire lives not knowing their specific skin type, it's vital that you know this information before you attempt to purchase a skin cream or a moisturizer. With all o... Read More »