How to Determine Skin Undertones?

Answer If you want to determine whether your skin possess a cold or warm undertone, you can do it just by following these easy steps!

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Best BB cream for pale skin with pink undertones?

most korean product have pink undertone u can try nature republic bb cream i use one and it have pink undertone

How to Determine Skin Tone?

Finding a hair color that looks good on you or makeup that compliments your skin can be tricky. Being able to determine your skin tone will help you to make informed decisions about color selection... Read More »

How can you determine your skin is sensitive?

The skin that senses the a change in the surrounding envirornmenthot, cold or pressure and reacts to it by sending an impulse through the nervous system is sensitiveEdit-Hairs and nails are produce... Read More »

How to Determine Skin Tone Color?

In the late 19th century, Michel Eugene Chevreul, director of a tapestry business, tried to match the yellow in a carpet and discovered that the hue was changed by the other colors resting next to ... Read More »