How to Determine Principal Factor of Properties of Elements & Atomic Structure?

Answer The principal factors in determining the properties of elements and their atomic structure is the number of protons in the atom's nucleus. The same element may have a different number of neutrons (... Read More »

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How to Identify Elements Based on Their Atomic Structure?

An atom's structure is composed of three particles: protons, neutrons and electrons. The protons are positively-charged particles that are combined with neutrons (neutrally-charged particles) to fo... Read More »

The Principal Components Factor Analysis?

Some forms of data analysis, such as survey results, require researchers to work with a large number of correlated items or variables. For such studies, principal component factor analysis helps re... Read More »

Principal Plus Interest Payment Structure?

Whether you owe money on a credit card or are making mortgage payments, you are paying interest to the lender. The term "principal" is used to define the actual amount you owe, and each loan paymen... Read More »

Experiments for Atomic Structure?

Atoms are the building blocks of all elements. Their existence was originally postulated by the ancient Greek philosopher Democritus; however, experiments for atomic structure did not begin until t... Read More »