How to Determine Prime Numbers?

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How do banks determine the prime rate?

The prime rate is a base rate that banks charge their best customers. The Wall Street Journal uses a survey process to help determine the prime rate. Individual banks help with the process based on... Read More »

Are there an infinite number of prime numbers?

There are an infinite number of prime numbers. Mathematicians have proved this through the equation "m = p1p2 ... pn+1". Where the p's are prime numbers. If any number of prime numbers are adde... Read More »

Java Prime Numbers Code Help!?

//You should call the java.math.BigInteger.isProbablePrime method to determine if a number is prime or radix=10;//The base numbering system 10 if decimalint certainty=1;//The level of... Read More »

How to Find the Prime Factorization of Two Numbers?

Numbers are generally expressed as a single value, a visual expression that helps you quickly identify the mathematical value. Numbers can also be written in different forms, such as their prime fa... Read More »