How to Determine Polarity in Chemistry?

Answer In chemistry, the concept of polarity refers to how some chemical bonds result in unequal sharing of electrons. This means shared electrons will be closer to one atom in a bond than another, which ... Read More »

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How to Determine Magnetic Polarity?

Magnetic materials are key to modern-day society and may be found in devices such as loud speakers, transformers and computer hard drives. Materials that possess a spontaneous internal magnetic fie... Read More »

How to Determine Polarity of Magnets?

Magnets are surrounded by lines of magnetic force, which comprise their magnetic fields. The places where the field lines converge were first named as poles by French scholar, Petrus Peregrinus, in... Read More »

How to Determine a Guitar Pickup's Polarity?

The polarity of a guitar pickup can greatly affect the tone that the pickup produces. This is especially evident in humbucking pickups or guitars with multiple single-coil pickups. When the polarit... Read More »

How to Determine the Polarity of AC Power Cords?

A power cord provides a pathway for electrical current to flow through a circuit. Some electrical devices require that one particular wire in the electrical power cord is always the "hot"--or energ... Read More »