How to Determine Nail Irregularities?

Answer Sometimes our finger nails don't look as great as we like. At times, nails get thin, cracked or bent. Most nail disorders are due to being sick while the nail grows or due to illness from a more ... Read More »

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How to Determine Acceptable Nail Length?

How long is too long? When it comes to nails, the right length depends mostly on what you do with your hands at work and play. Does this Spark an idea?

How to Determine Common Nail Sizes?

This article includes some of the most useful nails for quick repairs. These will work for loose trim, moldings, steps etc.

How to Find Testing Irregularities?

Testing irregularities are difficult to categorize or even locate as each test type and test taker are different. Irregularities are important to find, however, as they can reveal holes in educatio... Read More »

How to Pull a Nail Using the Nail Jack or Nail Hunter?

Reuse wood that would otherwise be sent to the landfill. The Nail Jack and Nail Hunter are tools that accelerate fastener removal from walls, floors, lumber, roofs and other surfaces clean and effi... Read More »