How to Determine If a Fuel Pump Relay Is Bad?

Answer A car's fuel pump relay turns on the fuel pump when the motor runs. When a relay is defective, it is usually because of a bad coil or bad connection. To check both operations, remove the relay by p... Read More »

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What is Fuel Pump Relay?

A fuel pump relay is a switch to activate the fuel pump when a car engine is first turned on. Problems with a fuel pump relay can make it difficult or impossible to start the car.References:AA1Car:... Read More »

What Is a Fuel Pump Relay?

Almost all cars use some sort of relay to activate the fuel pump. Relays take the low-voltage current applied by a switch and use it to close the high voltage circuit required to run a connected d... Read More »

Replacing S4 Fuel Pump Relay?

The fuel pump relay on an Audi S4 is designed to control the voltage to the fuel pump. When the engine control module, or ECM, decides to turn on the fuel pump, it signals the fuel pump relay to se... Read More »

How to Wire a Fuel Pump Relay?

To wire an external electric fuel pump relay, it will take a small amount of planning. Locate a position for the relay to be mounted near the battery for convenience and ease of wiring. The relay s... Read More »