How to Determine If Struts Need to Be Replaced?

Answer A vehicle's shocks and struts are more than just about ensuring a smooth ride -- they are also an important part of the steering and handling mechanism. Damaged shocks or struts will affect the veh... Read More »

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When Do Struts Need to Be Replaced?

With the widespread introduction of front-wheel-drive vehicles, struts have predominately replaced the use of shock absorbers. The space limitations caused by placing both the engine and transmissi... Read More »

How often should struts be replaced?

The standard guide for replacing struts in a vehicle is 50,000-70,000 miles. However, if your tires show uneven wear or a car inspection finds other bounce problems prior to 50,000 miles, changing ... Read More »

How to Tell When Front Struts Need to Be Replaced?

There are three relatively simple tests to perform on your vehicle to help you determine if the front struts should be replaced. Another consideration before performing the tests is the age of the... Read More »

When do shocks&struts need to be replaced?

Shocks or struts need replacement when they begin to affect the handling of the vehicle. Warning signs include swaying on turns, the front end dipping low during braking, the rear end dipping durin... Read More »