How to Determine How Much Your Finals Affect Your Grade?

Answer Going into finals can be a stressful thing. However, you can perform calculations to determine how a final may affect your grade. This can be done using three scenarios: One, you get a zero on the ... Read More »

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How to Determine the Factors That Affect a Supply & a Demand?

The relationship between supply and demand is a fundamental concept of economics. A supply is the amount of a good that is present and available. A demand is the quantity of a product or a service ... Read More »

How does air pollution affect plants hi this is for my 6th grade science project. please reply ASAP?

[1] Air pollution can affect soil moisture levels. It's responsible for yo-yo moisture and temperature extremes. For example, too high temperatures can be accompanied by high rates of evaporation f... Read More »

Does listening to music while doing homework affect people's grade point average?

On One Hand: Some Background Music Can HelpAlthough grade point average (GPA) is not directly impacted by music played while doing homework, studies have shown a little background music (minus the ... Read More »

How to Do Great on Finals?

Study hard and SUCCEEDFinals can make or break your academic career. While they aren't the only factor in college selection, they make a large part of it. If you follow the tips in this selection a... Read More »