How to Determine Heating Problem in Mustang?

Answer The heater core on a Mustang is located in the evaporator case adjacent to the evaporator core, separated by a wall and an air door. It does not use a heater-control valve; it is controlled within ... Read More »

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How do I determine square footage in a house for heating& air conditioning?

Conditioned or Unconditioned SpaceDetermine the boundary between the conditioned and unconditioned spaces. Most houses have enclosed spaces under a roof, such as the garage or attic space, that nev... Read More »

How Can I Determine the Read End Gear Ratios on 2006 Mustang GTs?

The Ford Mustang was delivered with one of several rear-end final drive ratios depending upon the engine, transmission and trim level selected. There are a variety of ways an owner can ascertain hi... Read More »

How to Determine an Alternator Problem?

The alternator in your vehicle is designed not only to keep your battery charged, but also to deliver running power to your vehicle's electrical accessories. Unfortunately, any alternator can fail... Read More »

How to Determine a Carburetor Problem?

A carburetor has several functions that make it a unique automotive component. It mixes (atomizes) air and fuel in a venturi system to supply the engine cylinders with a combustible fuel vapor for ... Read More »