How to Determine Eye Dominance?

Answer Here is a different and effective way to determine eye dominance. How to hold your hands when establishing eye dominance.Using the wrong eye when shooting can make you much slower and less accurate... Read More »

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Can you take this eye dominance test for me?

Nicole, feel free to put me in the 20s group and I'm right handed, and right eye dominated, but that test was kinda weird... I did it like 10 times, but the first few I was left?... i dunno averag... Read More »

What does left eye dominance mean?

Left eye dominance means that your brain prefers receiving information from your left eye more than from your right, so your body naturally relies on it more for information. Because we all have do... Read More »

How Do I Change Eye Dominance?

Eye dominance occurs when an individual has a tendency to prefer the visual information being received by one eye over the other eye. The eye that is dominant will look at an object directly while ... Read More »

How much vitamin B6 do I need for estrogen dominance?

Estrogen dominance means that you have too much estrogen. This can cause sudden uncontrollable anger, infertility, insomnia and lead to auto-immune diseases. According to Carole Lunny, the Outreach... Read More »