How to Determine Direction Using the Sun?

Answer How will you find North-South and East-West Direction?

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How to Determine the Direction of a Magnetic Field?

Magnetic fields surround you all the time. The Earth is one giant magnet, creating a huge magnetic field that protects everyone on the planet from the radiation and solar storms from the sun. Magne... Read More »

How to Determine Wind Direction when Hunting?

When you go rabbit hunting, it can be difficult because of the small kill zone, it was very hard to hit it without first figuring out which way the wind was blowing and how fast without giving away... Read More »

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Does the direction seeds are change the direction its roots grow?

Well, roots will always grow down due to geotropism. It is caused by the statocytes in the root cap. They sense the force of gravity and grow down according to it. But if the root does not have a r... Read More »