How to Determine Different Rocks?

Answer Scientists classify rocks into three categories: igneous, sedimentary and metamorphic. Every rock on the planet falls into one of these three categories of rocks. While each type of rock forms unde... Read More »

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Different Sedimentary Rocks?

If you've ever visited the Grand Canyon or been by any river or cliff where you observed horizontal stripes in the rocks there, then you have seen sedimentary rock. Sedimentary rocks always form wh... Read More »

Different Kinds of Rocks for an Elementary Science Class?

In elementary school science classes, it is common for students to learn about basic geology, including the different types of rocks and how they are formed. To teach this subject, it is useful to ... Read More »

Can I use a household drill on polished quartz rocks, sunstones, and sodalite rocks?

You'll need a diamond drill bit, something to pour water over the stone while you drill to keep the bit cool, and some sort of jig to hold the stone in place while you drill.

Is subsoil mostly made of solar energy or petroleum or small rocks or solid rocks?

Subsoil, or the “B” horizon (layer) of soil, lies directly below the topsoil, or “A” horizon. Lying at least 8 inches below the surface, subsoil contains less humus--decayed plant and anima... Read More »