How to Determine College Course Credit Value for Online Learning?

Answer The number of online college courses and degree programs offered by independent institutions continues to grow. If you have taken online college courses but want to move to a traditional four-year ... Read More »

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How to Choose a High Quality Online Course or Distance Learning Program?

You thought your biggest decision was under your belt when you decided to take an online course... until you realized how many choices are available. Use this top-ten list to help you narrow down y... Read More »

How many hours are in a 3 credit college course?

For most college and universities, three credit hours of a college course equals between 37.5 and 40 actual hours spent in the classroom. This is based on a 15-week semester.References:Kennesaw St... Read More »

How to Do Well in an Online College Course?

Online college courses may not be exactly what you are expecting. Although online courses do help ensure that you will have enough time for your schoolwork with your already hectic lifestyle, they ... Read More »

What is it called when you take a college course for no credit?

Taking a class without receiving credit is referred to as "auditing" a course. Generally, you go to class and still pay tuition and fees, but you do not complete course assignments or take exams, a... Read More »