How to Deter Possums from Your Garden?

Answer Oops...Possums in the garden can be a real nuisance if they take a fancy to your fruit crop or other tasty garden morsels. Here are some ways to discourage the little dears from nibbling on your ga... Read More »

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How to Deter Grasshoppers From a Garden?

Most everyone has heard the familiar chirp of a grasshopper. For many Americans, this is a pleasant sound that signals the arrival of warmer weather. For a gardener, grasshoppers can mean the destr... Read More »

How to I deter cats from using my garden?

You need Cat Scat from Gardener's Supply (or something like it). They are these spikey pads that you place in your flower beds, and they really work! I have two cats and a agrden, so I know what I ... Read More »

How can I deter cats from using my garden as a toilet!!!?

* cocoa hulls * toothpicks * plastic forks * coffee grounds (highly recommended) * black pepper * aluminum foil * cinnamon * bramble cuttings * heavy bark mulch * chicken wire * gutter covers * ros... Read More »

Will an electric fence deter deer from a garden?

An electric fence will deter deer from entering a garden. The most effective electric fence is one with wires 10, 20, and 30 inches from the ground. That prevents deer from going under the fence.So... Read More »