How to Deter Flies Using Potpourri?

Answer Living kindly with our fellow beings is important. Even the bothersome ones, like flies, can be gently persuaded to leave us be; here is one way that uses odors to deter flies, instead of resorting... Read More »

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Why Are Female Fruit Flies Bigger Than Male Fruit Flies?

Fruit flies, or drosophila melanogaster, are tiny insects that are often used for scientific research. The name fruit fly came about because the insects are often found surrounding rotting fruit or... Read More »

Potpourri Crafts?

Potpourri was first created in the 12th century for the same purpose it serves today: freshening rooms. A mix of herbs, spices, flowers and oils, potpourri is displayed in all types of containers t... Read More »

Use potpourri in a sentence?

Everyone at the tea party brought a set to share so each table had a potpourri of cups and saucers.

How to Activate Potpourri?

Potpourri is a combination of fragrant dried flowers, spices and herbs. Some potpourri mixes also include pine cones, dried citrus peelings and wood shavings. Potpourri adds a pleasing scent to you... Read More »