How to Detect the Best MTU for Broadband?

Answer MTU stands for Maximum Transmission Unit. The MTU value denotes the maximum size of a packet that your computer sends over a network. The best possible value for your MTU is the value right before ... Read More »

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Best Broadband Provider?

DO NOT CHOOSE TISCALI. they are having majour problems and have admitted the fact. they are releasing people from contracts with no charge because of this.we got our MAC code the other day and ha... Read More »

Who is best broadband supplier sky aol or bt.?

Yes avoid AOL if you can. I never had any probs with them until recently and cus now I have gone wireless, we download a lot of data and now have exceeded my usage. As a result, they restrict my sp... Read More »

Who is the best broadband provider?

I don't think the game itself is harmful, but I think your son is becoming adicted, fast. I think you should stop him playing it and tell him it's because of his behaviour - then when you let him b... Read More »

Who has best broadband deal in uk?