How to Detect a Keylogger on a PC?

Answer Keyloggers are applications which record every keystroke to a log file. Most keyloggers are malicious and used to steal personal information like Social Security numbers, credit card numbers, passw... Read More »

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How to Detect a Keylogger in Vista?

A keylogger is a software program that will capture a person's personal details such as her user name, passwords and credit card information. Keyloggers are often installed when someone downloads a... Read More »

Hp pavilion g6 can detect other wireless networks but can not detect mine?

Try resetting your router by either pressing the reset button on it or unplugging it for 30 seconds.

How do I get a keylogger?

Keyloggers are special types of malicious software that record your keystrokes and send this information to third parties. These third parties can then look at what you typed and gather your person... Read More »


Dude a keylogger is not illegal at all. I play pranks on my friends with that all the time! Its really funny plus you can find out peoples passwords to myspace and stuff! Oh well ou can see what yo... Read More »