How to Detect a Cell Phone Tap?

Answer There are several differences between landline phones and cell phones. But there is one distinct similarity--both can be tapped. That means whatever private conversations you have on your cell phon... Read More »

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How do I detect a cell phone bug?

Check for Signs of Remote Access Check the cell phone and the battery for warmth after 45 minutes of inactivity. This would indicate the cell phone microphone has been turned on remotely by whoever... Read More »

How can I detect cell phone spyware?

Use legacy cell phones, and you are free of spyware and viruses :)

How can you detect cell phone spy wear?

If there is Spy Software installed on the phone it would allow someone to listen into your calls, get GPS coordinates or get copies of all messages sent/received from your phone. Some software is h... Read More »

Can i detect someone spying on my cell phone?

yep! these are the easy ways of telling if they are or not. if they are your battery life will be allot shorter than normal and your phone will be a little warmer all the time because if someone is... Read More »