How to Detect a Cell Phone Tap?

Answer There are several differences between landline phones and cell phones. But there is one distinct similarity--both can be tapped. That means whatever private conversations you have on your cell phon... Read More »

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How do I detect a cell phone bug?

Check for Signs of Remote Access Check the cell phone and the battery for warmth after 45 minutes of inactivity. This would indicate the cell phone microphone has been turned on remotely by whoever... Read More »

How can I detect cell phone spyware?

Use legacy cell phones, and you are free of spyware and viruses :)

How do you detect a cell phone jammer?

Call law enforcement. The reason being is that if you need to make a 911 call and yuor signal is being put in a dead zone.. there are serious implications.... The FCC in the United States has outla... Read More »

How Can I Detect If My Cell Phone Is Tapped?

I have had several cell phone calls that have been blocked. When the caller hears my voice they wait about 3s and the hang up. How can i tell if my cell phone is tapped? Anonymous