How to Detect Far Sightedness?

Answer Ever wondered if the person sitting next to you is actually reading their book? Here's how to detect that!

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Which is more common, far-sightedness or near-sightedness?

Near-sightedness, especially for younger people. As people become older far-sightedness is mire common, but sill not as common as near-sightedness

Short-sightedness Please Help Me!?

Some people, especially older ones who are getting their first glasses, are very sensitive to smaller vision losses. For a person who only has about a half diopter of vision loss, another half of a... Read More »

What is short sightedness?

According to U.K. healthcare provider BUPA, short sightedness is known scientifically as myopia. Short-sightedness is the inability of the affected person to clearly see objects that are a long dis... Read More »

What are the differences between far-sightedness and presbyopia?

Presbyopia and hyperopia both have problems when reading or doing delicate things. They both need reading glasses. But they result from different causes. Usually aged people have presbyopia, about ... Read More »