How to Detect Disabled JavaScript With Ajax?

Answer Ajax and JavaScript work together to provide a user interface for querying a database without the need to refresh the page. This means that you can run a query and show results to your users withou... Read More »

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Detect if JavaScript Is Disabled?

This is advanced JavaScriptIn a web page, having JavaScript in it can greatly enhance the experience for the user. Whether it is used to create pop-ups, or validate form data, it makes the web beau... Read More »

AJAX Tutorial: JavaScript?

Asynchronous JavaScript and XML (AJAX) existed long before it became an official buzzword. Jesse James Garret, who coined the word "AJAX" in 1995, noted, "It's really several technologies, each flo... Read More »

How do I detect connection speed with Javascript?

Detecting the speed of a connection in Javascript requires a little bit of programming with the getTime() function and an XMLHttpRequest. The getTime() function returns the number of milliseconds t... Read More »

Does anyone have a good javascript/css/ajax hierarchy tree script (like an organization chart)?

Maybe take a look at this