How to Detect Diabetes Symptoms?

Answer Do you think you have type 1 diabetes?  Do you think your child may have type 1 diabetes?  Whatever the case may be you are worried and don't know what to do.  Here are a few things to compare w... Read More »

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Anyone have diabetes What were the first symptoms you noticed before you found out you had diabetes?

I was only seven years old when i was diagnosed but I remeber what it was like. I had a humongus appatite, i had to pee a lot. I drank lots of fluids because i was constantly dehydrated. I was ... Read More »

How to Detect Diabetes in Dogs?

There is no cure for diabetes. But the earlier you detect diabetes in dogs, the more effective the treatment will be. This article will tell you how to detect diabetes in dogs.

I have all the symptoms of diabetes but my dr. says i have pre-diabetes and the only thing i can do?

Bacon isn't a vice. In fact, I'd call it a diabetic super food. Bacon is high in fat, moderate in protein, and low in carbohydrates. I eat bacon practically every day. Often I'll spread full-fat cr... Read More »

What were your symptoms when first diagnosed with diabetes Or did you have any symptoms at all?

Blurred visionfatigueunexplained weight lossfrequent urinationfrequent thirstheadaches, etc.I was admitted into the hospital with a glucose level of 525That was 16 years ago. I am a type 1 diabeti... Read More »