How to Detect Coolant Leaks in a Fridge?

Answer The coolant in a properly functioning refrigerator remains in a pressurized state at all times. Modern refrigerators use R-134a, an ozone-friendly refrigerant, as its coolant. A refrigerator uses a... Read More »

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How to Detect A/C Leaks With Dye?

If you experience diminished cold air from your automobile's A/C system, you may possibly be low on refrigerant. The loss of refrigerant often happens through tiny leaks in the A/C system that are ... Read More »

How to Detect Toilet Leaks?

Toilet leaks may be easy to repair, but detecting them is a great challenge, especially when they are completely silent. It's nerve racking to view a water bill and see the amount double or triple ... Read More »

How to Detect Freon Leaks?

Air conditioning systems make our modern day rides a pleasure, especially in hot climates and in the summer. When an air conditioning system is not working properly, the first thing to do is to det... Read More »

How to Detect Vacuum Leaks?

When a vacuum cleaner has a leak in it, it loses suction and doesn’t function properly. In general, the source of a vacuum leak can be narrowed down to several components on the vacuum. You can e... Read More »