How to Detect Barthandelus in "Final Fantasy XIII"?

Answer Barthandelus is a villain whom your characters must fight and defeat in the game "Final Fantasy XIII" for the Sony PlayStation 3. Barthandelus won't just run up to your characters and confront them... Read More »

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How to Beat Barthandelus in "Final Fantasty XIII"?

The rematch battle with Barthandelus on Oerba is one of the toughest battles in "Final Fantasy XIII." This second and final form of Barthandelus has devastating attacks and negative status-inducing... Read More »

How to Look Like Serah Farron (Final Fantasy XIII)?

Final Fantasy characters are ofter popular choices for cosplay as they have definite looks. Serah Farron is a minor character from Final Fantasy XIII. She has a sexified teenager look that is relat... Read More »

How Do I Use Chocobos for Treasure in "Final Fantasy XIII"?

Developer SquareEnix released "Final Fantasy XIII" for the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 in 2010. While much of the game is a linear experience, when you reach Chapter 11, the game world becomes open-... Read More »

How to Get Instant Stagger in Final Fantasy XIII for Lighting?

One of the most important methods for combat success in "Final Fantasy XIII" is developing a complete mastery of chain gauge mechanics. Every enemy you fight has a chain gauge -- when this gauge ha... Read More »