How to Detangle Long Hair?

Answer Untangling your long hair can hurt.Bad.But, if you follow these quick tips and steps, you'll be on your way to beautifully long (untangled!) Hair in no time

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How to Detangle Hair?

Detangled hair can be the cause of little brushing. There are simple tools and tricks that can help. Sometimes it can be a lot harder to untangle hair,but use this strategy to untangle hair.

How to Detangle Matted Hair?

If your hair has become matted and you need to unravel the hair without cutting it, here is an idea that can help you get the tangles out. Does this Spark an idea?

How to properly detangle hair?

I have the same problem!! it's because the shampoo makes your hair stronger, so when we don't wash it, it is just weak. Try to gradually shampoo your hair more and more. Also, get a shampoo that sa... Read More »

How to Detangle Hair Without Damaging It?

Detangling long hair can be a painful process that can damage follicles if you're not careful. Follow these steps to remove those troublesome knots. Does this Spark an idea?