How to Destroy a Wasp Nest?

Answer Wasps are dangerous insects. They are predatory creatures and are known to swarm in great numbers to attack people or animals they believe are threatening their nest. Because of this, they should n... Read More »

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How to Make a Wasp Nest?

A wasp nest can house thousands of wasps, and removing one usually requires help from a professional exterminator. There are ways to handle a wasp problem on your own, however, such as making a fak... Read More »

How to Keep a Wasp Nest as a Decoration?

Wasps build their nests out of chewed wood fiber and saliva, creating a multi-chambered structure. Wasp colonies begin to break down in the fall, and the wasps eventually abandon their nests. After... Read More »

Can anyone explain me the types of wasp and the nest they acquire?

There are predominantly two types of wasps, social wasps and solitary wasps. The wasp nest types tend to vary depending on which type of wasps they belong to. Social wasps can live in paper wasp ne... Read More »

What happens with a wasp nest Should we have it removed?

What you need to do is put 4 to 5 layers of your thickest clothes on,some thick boots (DocMartins work well), wrap a scarf around your face and wear shades and a hat. 5 layers of marigolds should p... Read More »