How to Destroy a City in Sim City 4?

Answer A city... to destroyHave you created a failing city? Do you wish you could just start over? Or do you want to watch your city suffer? Here are some easy (and fun) ways to wipe out a city in Sim Cit... Read More »

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How to Beat That Tower Mission in Bay City in Destroy All Humans 2 (PS2)?

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In the final episode of Sex In The City which city was Carrie visiting when she found her necklace at the bottom of her handbag?

Carrie was in Paris with Petrovsky and she found her necklace inside the lining of her bag when she was waiting for Petrovsky at his new art exhibition.

When was the New York City premiere date for the movie 'Sex and the City'?

The premiere date for the "Sex and the City" movie in NYC was May 27, 2008.

What city is halfway between salt lake city Ut and Oakland Ca?