How to Design an Enclosed Terrestrial Ecosystem?

Answer The word terrestrial refers to land-dwelling. You can design an enclosed terrestrial ecosystem from a 10-gallon aquarium kit. This ecosystem will provide a home for land plants and animals. The goa... Read More »

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What Is the Food Web in a Terrestrial & Aquatic Ecosystem?

A food web is a graphic that shows how energy is transferred between organisms in an ecosystem, whether it is aquatic or terrestrial. It is not the same thing as a food chain, which follows a linea... Read More »

Is neptune a gas or terrestrial?

Neptune is a giant gas planet. It is the eighth planet from the sun in the solar system. The first four planets are terrestrial, while the outer four are all gas giants.References:Aerospace Guide... Read More »

What terrestrial technology do the BBC use?

you go on the bbc website and say out loud i would like to download bbc iplayer and it does it in 2 seconds for god sake work it out urself

What does terrestrial planets mean?

The terrestrial planets are those smaller planets in the solar system composed mostly of rock and possessing a relatively thin atmosphere. The terrestrial planets—Mercury, Venus, Earth and Marsâ€... Read More »