How to Design a Wedding Ceremony Program?

Answer Like all parts of your wedding, you want a special program for your ceremony. It may seem like just another piece of paper listing trivial information, such as the names of your attendants or who w... Read More »

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What is a civil wedding ceremony?

A civil wedding ceremony is scheduled at the city clerk's office and takes place at the local courthouse, as opposed to a church or other venue. A judge or clerk of court performs the civil wedding... Read More »

How to Have a Zombie Wedding Ceremony?

If you are a huge fan of “Dawn of the Dead” or the modern day hit show, “The Walking Dead”, when it comes to your wedding, you may want to ditch conventional wedding traditions and let your... Read More »

How to Conduct a Wedding Ceremony?

During a wedding ceremony, the bride and groom make vows before their god, family and friends to love and support one another throughout their marriage. Wedding ceremonies can be performed by spiri... Read More »

What Happens in a Muslim Wedding Ceremony?

Marriage is an important part of a Muslim's life. In fact, getting married is a religious duty. Marriage in Islam is a social contract that brings with it rights and obligations upon the man and wo... Read More »