How to Design a Sump Pump Battery Backup System?

Answer BATTERY BACKUP SYSTEMHere's how to build a battery backup system for your sump pump. I built this system for my daughter's house and it's been working for years. Remember, safety first.

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Do I need a backup sump pump for crawl?

Apparent reasons: A: switch stuck B: Float was obstructed; dirty; defectiveThe sump pump switch was stuck or the float was touching something which did not allow the float to activate the switch.... Read More »

What are the Recommended Types of Backup Sump Pump Systems?

Your sump pump sits quietly forgotten in your basement or crawl space. This small device stands guard against unwanted water. A failure of this system can result in a flooded basement and the possi... Read More »

DIY: Sump Pump Aquarium?

A sump-pump aquarium sits outside the main aquarium and houses your pump and filter. This setup increases the tank's water capacity, which is especially advantageous for saltwater environments beca... Read More »

How do I size a sump pump?

Consider the HorsepowerLook at the important factor of a sump pump, which is its horsepower, not its size. Do not choose a large sump pump because you have a large house or vice versa.Do Your Homew... Read More »