How to Design a Golf Course in Your Backyard?

Answer Are you obsessed with golf? Or do you like designing and architecture? These things come hand-in-hand when designing a golf course.

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How much would it cost to put a miniature golf course in your backyard?

For an elaborate miniature golf course, the cost to build can be over $3,000. Some pre-made mini golf sets sell for closer to $2,000. However, you can save money by building a course yourself using... Read More »

How to Design a Backyard Playground?

Planning a playground in your backyard is an exciting adventure. No matter the size of your backyard, a playground can be established depending upon the nature of the yard. Purchase playground item... Read More »

Have to design a backyard from scratch can anyone help?

Dwarf varieties of trees & small shrubs are low maintenance & really can give you garden structure. Small, low-growing evergreens look great behind smaller shrubs: Read More »

How to Design a Backyard Fish Pond?

Backyard fish ponds are a source of delight to many gardeners and fish enthusiasts. However, whether you're looking to stock a few colorful goldfish to brighten up your yard or breed dazzling koi, ... Read More »