How to Design a Get Acquainted Questionnaire?

Answer When you have a group of strangers who are joined together for a common cause no matter if it's a dating mixer or a business conference, getting them to break the ice will help them bond. Create a ... Read More »

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Questionnaire Design Types?

Questionnaires are used to gain information from a target audience; they are often used in marketing to choose a new product line or update a current product. The type of questions you ask and the ... Read More »

How to Design an Employee Satisfaction Questionnaire?

Employee satisfaction questionnaires allow an organization's human resources and management groups to understand their employees and to see what can be done to increase their satisfaction, their en... Read More »

Icebreakers to Get Acquainted?

Icebreaker activities originated in the corporate world and spread to other arenas, such as school classrooms. Taking place at the beginning of sessions, the activities illicit group participation.... Read More »

"Get Acquainted" Ideas for 3rd Grade?

Advancing from second grade to third grade or moving into a new school district can be a little scary for children. A new school is one unknown; unfamiliar classmates adds to the pressure of fittin... Read More »