How to Design a Closet with Wire Shelves Online?

Answer A closet design project requires a floor-plan drawing. A floor plan shows the arrangement and orientation of the walls, the doors, the light and the wire shelves. The floor plan is drawn to scale, ... Read More »

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How to Add Shelves to a Closet?

If you have a small closet or one that is already overflowing with clothes or stored possessions, you will want to make use of the available space more efficiently. One of the best ways to maximize... Read More »

Homemade Closet Shelves?

Placing shelves in your closet keeps your home from looking too cluttered, and if the shelves are homemade, they won't cost you too much money. Also, since they're out of sight, you don't have to w... Read More »

Ideas on Closet Shelves?

Adding more shelves to a closet space makes it possible to categorize stored clothes and items according to type and usage. Since the contents of a closet are typically behind closed doors, it is a... Read More »

How to Design a Closet With a Slanted Ceiling?

Creating storage space in a closet with a slanted ceiling will require thinking about storage options. For example, you might have to raise or lower a hanging rod. Or, you might have to use the spa... Read More »