How to Design a Buffet Menu for a Function?

Answer A buffet is a meal where the food is put on on a table or tables and the invited guests form a line to choose the foods they want to eat. A buffet can be an efficient way to serve a large crowd and... Read More »

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How to Design a Buffet Menu for a Function of Your Choice?

Planning a buffet menu is largely a matter of advance preparation. Catering firms often allow a customer several options in regard to providing food and drink at a party or event. Caterers might pr... Read More »

Do-it-Yourself Wedding Buffet Menu?

After a wedding ceremony, many guests look forward to the meal offered at the reception. Even if you're having a buffet, let guests know what will be offered ahead of time by providing a menu. You ... Read More »

Design & Food Ideas for a Buffet Dinner?

Annika Stensson, spokeswoman for the National Restaurant Association said buffets are more popular than ever. "Especially in a down economy," she said, "consumers are very sensitive to the cost-val... Read More »

How to Design a Kid's Menu?

Forty-seven percent of Americans ate out at least one night a week and 21 percent ate out four nights or more a week, according to a 2005 CBS poll. This means the family market makes up a part of r... Read More »