How to Design Sweatpants?

Answer Sweatpants are a comfortable pair of pants with an elastic waist made from a thick, jersey fabric. Designing sweatpants can be a fairly simple task due to the stretchy fabric and loose fit. It is r... Read More »

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How can I get gum off my sweatpants?

i use ice, it freezes it and becomes easier to pick offhope i've been of some helpx

What is the origin of sweatpants?

Sweatpants has become a term since 1920-25. It is combination of sweat + pants. Sweatpants is used to mean "Cotton jersey pants usually having a drawstring or elasticized waist and ela... Read More »

How to Look Great in Sweatpants?

Sweats are the new chic. Walking around school everyday, you're bound to see many people wearing them - girls and guys alike. There's only one problem - sweatpants aren't always very complementary.... Read More »

How do I Customize Team Sweatpants?

Custom team sweatpants can be a great way to show school spirit, build a sense of camaraderie with teammates, or raise money by selling the gear. Online companies act as one-stop shops by supplying... Read More »